Group Projects

Class Games

Spectracular Spooky Serf Showdown was one of the games created for my Game Play 2 class.  It is the story of a ghost king overthrown by his people who vows to go out in style.This was a short group project: I was responsible for portions of the code, the background graphic, and the start/end screens. Additionally, I worked on several other platformers during the class, doing art, animation, and basic programming.


Gamestop Training Game

I also contributed art assets, including character sprites, backgrounds, and menu art,  to a game designed and created by Adam Scott of Gamestop to train their associates.



Modding Work

I’ve been a part of the modding the modding community since 2003. I’ve been part of too many projects over the years to list them all, but here is a short summary of the biggest ones. The screenshots are from the projects in general, rather than just my sections.

Tamriel Rebuilt (TES3: Morrowind)

Tamriel Rebuilt is a project to recreate the Morrowind mainland, based on Bethesda’s lore and a high standard of quality. During my years with TR, I contributed to nearly every area of the project, including level design for interior and exterior environments, modeling and texturing, design, and QA work. Later, I held the position of Head of Reviewers (overseeing the quality of content and managing a team of testers) and Administrator (guiding the project in general and managing the whole team).

TR’s latest release has over 89,300 downloads across all outlets — and that’s not counting downloads for previous versions of the mod. With 2,668 endorsements, Tamriel Rebuilt is the top rated land mod on Morrowind Nexus.

Tamriel Rebuilt was named Best RPG Mod by GameFlood in 2007, and the #4 Best Single-Player Mod by PC Gamer UK in 2009. It is also part of Planet Elder Scroll’s Hall of Fame.

Stirk (TES4: Oblivion)

Stirk is a small, idyllic isle located west of Cyrodiil, and includes roughly the amount of content of an Oblivion or Skyrim DLC. My contributions to the mod was the decoration of the sea floor, the creation of the castle interior, extensive testing on the island and its quest line, as well as post-release support and bug fixing.

You can download Stirks final release here. This latest version has over 30,700 downloads across all locations, and 514 endorsements on Oblivion Nexus.


Hammerfell (TES4: Oblivion)

The Hammerfell team was the most ambitious of all my projects, aiming to create a whole new province with completely custom assets. In addition to being the leader of the project (which included managing the team, making final design decisions, and keeping everything on track), I contributed interior and exterior level design, models and textures, concept art, NPCs, pathgrids, and testing.

Hammerfell’s first release, The Eastern Grasslands, currently has over 18,000 downloads and 291 endorsements on Oblivion Nexus.


Sheogorad – The Forsaken Isles (TES4: Oblivion)

A mod recreating the Sheogorad region from TES3: Morrowind from the ground up, with all new assets, and updating it to match Oblivion’s timeline. I contributed interior level design, creating the entire town of Dagon Fel and an ancestral tomb.

Sheograd can be downloaded at Oblivion Nexus. It presently has over 1,900 downloads and 98 endorsements on Oblivion Nexus.



I am also an administrator on, and contributor to:

The Imperial Library

The Imperial Library (TIL for short) is a website about the lore of the Elder Scrolls series. I came abord in the summer of 2010 to help with a site redesign and the move to the Drupal content management system, and have been doing most of the update work since then.

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