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The Ghoul Stars




Three maps for Endgame Oakland’s Warhammer 40k campaign this summer. The intent was to imitate Games Workshop’s house style. Photoshop, with plenty of photo collage and donjon generated planetary images. All text provided by Endgame Oakland.

admiral gumbo SM

A little portrait of my little dog

landscaperondel 01sm

landscaperondel 02sm

A fake book cover for a fake game

13th Age in Glorantha: Dragon Pass

A few months ago I was asked to do a map of Dragon Pass to accompany the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Jeff Richard and the rest of the team, and I’m super excited to see it printed and used in games across the world!

(Click to embiggened each picture)

 Digital sketch of the full map. The Argan Argar Atlas maps served as the main reference, alongside original maps by Greg Stafford and scanned maps from a number of previous modules. The style of the map was based directly on the beautiful maps by William Church, and many of the icons were based on those from the Dragon Pass board game. 


2014-10-06 23.51.22_resized (1)
I then turned the lines blue, scaled it to fit onto six standard letter pages, and printed the whole thing for inking. After that it was scanned in, reassembled, and cleaned up for color. Pattern details (like the marsh and the grass tufts) were inked and scanned in a separate layer, and the settlement icons were drawn in digitally. 


The (mostly) finished map, as seen on

Cars: Fast as Lighting

A few of the concepts I did last year for Cars: Fast as Lightning (Android and iOS). Most of my art was for decorations, but I also did a few buildings and car costumes. All the final assets are by my wonderful colleagues, and everything, of course, belongs to Gameloft and Disney/Pixar.


Chick Hicks
Habitat for Chick Hicks

Visitor Center
Visitor center in Radiator Springs. The sign was based on one in Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland.

Big Screen
A big screen scoreboard

Little cafe parasol, based on the Italian village scene in Cars 2

Vending Machine
Some car part vending machines that unlock alongside Boost

Obstacles like this one are placed by players along the tracks they design. Successfully completing the quicktime event gets you a speed boost (the Win state); failing slows you down (the Fail state).

Faction Leaders

The three faction leaders in Elder Scrolls Online: Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion, King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant, and Jorunn the Skald King of the Ebonheart Pact.


Lil’ Daedra

Cute little Daedra gifs c:








Mehrunes Dagon




Hermaeus Mora


Graphic postcards for Tamrielic locations, created as composition and color practice.

Netch in Doomed Love

Another take on this piece, this time without a happy ending.