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So. Hey. It’s been a while.

I’ve been busy with work, and with life, and with the eponymous Stuff in the blog title. That and the fact that this blog goes back four years kinda put me off. I briefly considered wiping it and starting fresh, but I figured that history is more important than not having people see some really embarrassing stuff.

So consider this a disclaimer:
The work below this post is old, and not meant to be representative of my current abilities.

You’ve been warned. I’m going to post some recent-ish fan art over from Tumblr, and then hopefully some of the things I’ve actually done at my job.

So hello, gentle reader, and enjoy your stay 🙂

Star Wars: Rebellion

Two promo posters I did for the release of Star Wars: Rebellion, a script for a never-made TV show covering the beginning of the Rebel Alliance, written by Elder Scrolls developers Kurt Kuhlmann and Michael Kirkbride. You can read the script here.



The top is composed primarily of scanned counters from the West End Games’ Star Warriors roleplaying game.

Two quick environment sketches from earlier this summer.



Spectacular Spooky Serf Showdown

Guys. Guys. I’ve made a game. A real, honest to goodness, game. And then I made another one, with some classmates, that’s actually not bad. It’s called Spectacular Spooky Serf Showdown, and involves an epic ghost rebellion. You should check it out.




My sisters in arms on this project were the always-awesome Sydney Cook and Katherine McDermott. I was responsible for the health powerup coding, the menu screens, the background, and some general code here and there. Everything was coded in Haxe with the Flixel library. It’s not much, but I’m pretty proud.

GameStop Heads

Customizable heads for the associate characters. You can pick from 9 faces per gender, 11 hair options (each in 4 colors), and 3 types of glasses. Here’s a breakdown of the layers:



The Store Leaders, or main player characters.


It’s pretty easy among all these to see which ones I did first and which I did last.  I think having to draw so many faces really improved my face drawing skills. I also kinda learned to love noses.

GameStop: The Game

The 30 Days of Skyrim project I did last year was a whole lot of fun, despite the stress of having to do an image a day and not letting myself go back and fix things later. I got a lot of positive feedback from fellow fans, had an image featured on a Russian fansite, and several up on Bethesda’s fan art gallery. Many of the pieces are still receiving faves on my deviant art page, nearly a year after the fact. But none of that compares to the private message I received one day from Adam Scott. In short, it read “I’m making a game. Would you like to help?” My answer, of course, was “hell yes.”

The job was a joy. I’ve worked on plenty of mods before, but working on a real game, seeing everything you make incorporated shortly after you make it, helping the game grow and come together, was an unreal experience. Adam was a fantastic coworker and boss, challenging me to push my art and providing great critiques while being understanding and sometimes changing the design based on my art rather than the other way around. Working with a coder on an actual game is definitely different than working with other artists on a concept.

And, I must admit, waking up at noon and “going to work” while wearing pijamas is an aspect of freelance I can definitely get used to.

A small sample of the work:

50 customer sprites. Focus on variety in shapes, ages, genders, and races. These display real small (about as big as they are in the thumbnail), so keeping them graphic was important.

The store background, with all overlays. The overlays come in two classes: upgrades which make the store better; and various items that need to be cleaned, organized, or otherwise dealt with throughout the day.


The base store, for comparison. I got a little sad at having to clutter everything.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to show more later. Feels awesome to finally be able to talk about something which has been such a big part of the past four months.

Lesson for the year? Fan art leads you places.

Ta Hiera

Environment to go along with previous characters.

Apologies for lack of posts – a lot of things going on lately. Good things, but still.