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Works in Progress

A few things I’m working on. Can you tell that I like painting faces? farmer_blog musicians_blog

Nin & Aka

Still chuggin’ along.


These will be completely redone, but I’m putting them up for the sake of completeness.


Nin, the main character. Proper but questioning saint-in-training.

aka_wip1 aka_wip2

Aka, the wandering monk with heretical ideas.

So, what went wrong? Outside of being incomplete and my comitment to not drawing hands until necesary, I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with the drawings. If I went and finished them, they’d probably be a pretty good representation of what I can do. But they don’t fit my vision for the world. There’s too much bulk and inelegance, too much clutter. Too much fantasy for the sake of it, rather than for the illusion of culture and history. Typically I’m a bit looser with the vision (for lack of a better word), following it as closely as I can but not stressing too much as long as the idea gets across and people like it. But this is my project, not an assignement or a group thing, and I want to do it right.


Mayan Finals

Really want to work more on these. Clean things up, add shading, add texture. But they’re due when they’re due. Don’t think I’ve ever had as hard a finals month as this year, glad that it’s all over after this week. Then it’s on to work, a couple cool projects, and California.






Group project for Advanced Character Design. They’re for a Action-Adventure type game centered around three protagonists with awesome powers, the origin of which is unknown even to them. The Hierophants are an order of martial monks who are trying to kill the heroes because they think it will stop what they think is the apocalypse. The trader is a trader.

Sketch Dump

Not quite ready for new school work, so thought I’d dump some stuff from the old sketchbooks. Finally managed to completely fill a few over the last year, feels nice. No idea why they all ended up being scantily clad ladies.

Advanced Concept Art Finals

The props went through a dozen incarnations, and I still don’t like them.

Rework of old stuff.

And a new thing. Did most of it with mouse and lasso tool, since I appear to have lost my tablet stylus (/cry in corner).

Day 10

Shor, though it looks more like Shezzar.

Animated progress gif after the break.


Day 29

Steps after the break.