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Stuff I’ve done but haven’t posted yet.

A Dwemer master’s repair hammer, for ElParedon’s mod, Soggy Bottoms Boys. The model is new, the texture is spliced together from various Dwemer weapon textures already in Oblivion.

A retextured robe and custom necklace for TOTAMO.



Screenshots from the ending parts of the TOTAMO dungeon.

TOTAMO Library 01
And the library. Still not fully cluttered 🙁

More Updates, including TOTAMO

A work in progress animation for my weird armor guy…

Two updated shots of the tribal characters…

And some caves  (lightened a tad).

Temple of the Ancestor Moth (TOTAMO)

A mod I’ve been working on for a while between other projects. Its spring break now, so I’m sitting down and working on it some more.