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Day 1

A real quicky. I’ll see if I can touch it up tomorrow (or, er, later today since it’s past midnight).

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what homework I was working on based on my font choice.

Day 2

Year is really kicking into extreme busyness, and Skyrim isn’t going to help.

Have another Aldudagga – Fight 3, the Snow Whale and the Dirtbird. Probably my favorite of the bunch.

Gouache, ink, and photoshop.

Day 3

[Long after] the two bells [of the All-Maker’s Goat] rang out their clamouring, calling the end of days again in Sarthaal and the world, and Alduin’s shadow was cast like carpetflame on east, west, south, and north…[he was] epoch eater. For as far as any man’s eyes, only High Hrothgaar remained above the churning coils of dragon stop.

And Alduin said, “Ho ha ho.”

But, look! Seven more mountains remained through Mereth like Hrothgaar and the Leaper Devil King (a kindly leaper demon, to be sure, but their king) jumped across the nilphony swirl. He came to Alduin (who always eats Nords first) and said, “Wait, wait, wait! Wait! It is not time to destroy the world yet!”

To which Alduin roared and laughed and said, “King of Leapers, you always bounce up to me around this time (for you are one of the only spirits that can last til my last bite) and shout, ‘Wait!’, but I never do and I will not now. Leap up to Hrothgaar’s top and wait awhile longer in little dignity. The two bells have went ‘Gong! Gong!’ and that means the kalpa has turned.”

The Leaper Demon King knew all this was true but still he said, “Wait, first and last of spirits, the kalpa-turning is brought too soon and I can prove it! 


“Oh crap,” said the Leaper Demon King, “You have found us out, World-Eater! Yes, just after the two bells of the All-Maker’s Goat sound the Greedy Man and I and our servants hoard bits and bobs of the world so you can’t eat it all. And when the world comes back we sort of just stick these portions back on and so that’s why it is all bigger and bigger for you to eat each time. But it wasn’t my idea! The Greedy Man hates you so much and it was his idea to finally trap you one kalpa when it was all much too big and so you would explode out from your belly and die so that the world would never have to die again!”

-Seven Fighs of the Aldudagga (Aldudaggavelashadingas), Fight One


Day 4

To finish up the factions, here’s a Graybeard. Did him in a different sketchbook, and the paper reacted in a totally different way 🙁

Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

The lusty Argonian maid. I hear she’s making a comeback in Skyrim. Pun totally intended.

Colors to come a little later. Requested by Gregasaurus.


Day 8

Kyne. A wee bit more naked than intended.


Day 9

We’re in the single digits now. I’ve been doing my best to stay away from the leaked info/footage/screens, but what has managed to get past my filter has got me even more excited.

Quick sketch of some wilderness. Progress gif below.

Day 10

Shor, though it looks more like Shezzar.

Animated progress gif after the break.