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The Ghoul Stars




Three maps for Endgame Oakland’s Warhammer 40k campaign this summer. The intent was to imitate Games Workshop’s house style. Photoshop, with plenty of photo collage and donjon generated planetary images. All text provided by Endgame Oakland.

13th Age in Glorantha: Dragon Pass

A few months ago I was asked to do a map of Dragon Pass to accompany the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Jeff Richard and the rest of the team, and I’m super excited to see it printed and used in games across the world!

(Click to embiggened each picture)

 Digital sketch of the full map. The Argan Argar Atlas maps served as the main reference, alongside original maps by Greg Stafford and scanned maps from a number of previous modules. The style of the map was based directly on the beautiful maps by William Church, and many of the icons were based on those from the Dragon Pass board game. 


2014-10-06 23.51.22_resized (1)
I then turned the lines blue, scaled it to fit onto six standard letter pages, and printed the whole thing for inking. After that it was scanned in, reassembled, and cleaned up for color. Pattern details (like the marsh and the grass tufts) were inked and scanned in a separate layer, and the settlement icons were drawn in digitally. 


The (mostly) finished map, as seen on

Family Tree

Of Mer

State’s Maps

Sorry for posting maps all the time. Don’t want to post thesis pieces until they look good, and am in the middle of a long assignment for sequential art.



A journey map I did based on a story about rafting the Colorado. Watercolor and gouache, with Photoshop color correction.


A spot illustration of an interactive map of Michigan, meant for children. The assignment was to depict statistics, so I went with fun superlatives.


And a silly sketchbook assignment to relabel an existing map. I typed “State is” into google, and labeled based on suggestions. The ones with the question marks are states for which all the suggested searches were generic (“which timezone is state in?”)

Map of the Haight

A map I did of Haight Street in San Francisco is featured on They Draw and Travel. Yay!


I spent forever drawing little Victorian buildings, only to realize that they’d be tiny on the map itself.



A map for a campaign Michael was going to run.



And, as a contrast, an in-world artifact map made for flavor. I, of course, overdid it. You can see some last-minute location additions on the right. campaign

Map of Yokuda

A map of the continent of Yokuda, made from Google Maps images.

Click to enlarge, it’s big.