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Note to self: iron garments before photographing.

I’ll be making official pictures of these later today, but I thought I’d put these up now.


A scarf with San Francisco’s railways. The first item in my fashion collection (tentatively titled “@BAY”), which is different graphic maps of San Francisco and Baltimore embroidered with ribbon on scarves and shirts.

As the first piece, this was as much exploration and learning as actual making. Turns out I really enjoy sewing by hand. It’s kind of therapeutic. On the other hand, sewing with the machine drives me mad. Hard as anything to attach ribbon without having it crinkle and while keeping it straight, and the machine jammed every foot while hemming the sides. The next pieces, 4 shirts and a matching Baltimore scarf, will be done by hand.

Made for my Fashion Graphics class. You can see previous year’s works from the class at

This, and the other pieces, will eventually be available on Etsy, in case anyone is interested.

So I like taking close up pictures of flowers, what about it?


Heres a photo from my classroom window, just for kicks.

And this was my midterm wall for Fine Arts Illustration. I like the life drawings/sketches, the actual assignment was pretty crap.