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Numinatus Cover

Here’s the cover for FSL Professor Numinatus, a comic written by Michael and illustrated by me. Part of the script was posted online last year, but it’s changed quite a bit in execution.cover_sm

State’s Maps

Sorry for posting maps all the time. Don’t want to post thesis pieces until they look good, and am in the middle of a long assignment for sequential art.



A journey map I did based on a story about rafting the Colorado. Watercolor andĀ gouache, with Photoshop color correction.


A spot illustration of an interactive map of Michigan, meant for children. The assignment was to depict statistics, so I went with fun superlatives.


And a silly sketchbook assignment to relabel an existing map. I typed “State is” into google, and labeled based on suggestions. The ones with the question marks are states for which all the suggested searches were generic (“which timezone is state in?”)

A quick sad comic I did a few weeks back for sequential art class. In no way autobiographical šŸ™‚



Map of the Haight

A map I did of Haight Street in San Francisco is featured on They Draw and Travel. Yay!


I spent forever drawing littleĀ VictorianĀ buildings, only to realize that they’d be tiny on the map itself.


Works in Progress

A few things I’m working on. Can you tell that I like painting faces?Ā farmer_blog musicians_blog



On an unrelated note, the last article had my first ever pro-Masonic spam post. Good job keeping it fresh, bots.

In Transit Poster

8261754841_dfb42b9675_b Poster for the fashion line. Did it a while back and forgot to post.
I’ll get more stuff up later once finals are done with.

Nu-Ur from afar

You’ve seen this one before. Photoshop, textures, and Perfect Effects again.


Photoshop, photo textures, and Perfect Effects.

ā€œAscendantā€ is the name commonly used to refer to the saint-ships who maintain the form and structure of the world. While Ascendants are viewed as vessels to reconcile them with the preconceptions of primitive minds, they are better described as a collection of egos, or souls, held together in substrate by sheer force of belief. Three classes (or, more accurately, stages) are recognized:

V-Class Ascendant – The beginning stage of each Ascendant is the cooperation, partial merger, and independent existence of two or more souls. Theologians postulate that the maintenance of a V-Class is impossible due to its nature as an ideal.

A-Class Ascendant – The most common result of a V-Class, the A-Class creates itself when one pilot ego overtakes the others through the refutation of their individual existences and the absorption of the remaining metamaterial. Although structurally stable, the A-Class is unpredictable and prone to both violent and messianic tendencies.

S-Class Ascendant – The Selfless Sacrifice. A rare result of both the V- and A-Classes, the S-Class is an Ascendant that can no longer distinguish itself from the surrounding chaos. Its pilot egos refute themselves, and the Ascendant, into inexistence. The S-Class is highly unstable, and has been shown to cause all capable sentients within a considerable radius to uncreate themselves.

Though Ascendants, lacking in substance, have no defined shape, they almost always manifest as an enormous, formless, matte shape reminiscent of ink dripped in water. Because Ascendants are their own universes circumscribed within our own, physical contact is not possible for the majority of the population – should they step into the ship, they simply finish their stride on the other side, without the influence of space or time. Those with more stable egos, or more complete understandings of the theology behind Ascendants, are able to touch them, but cease to exist upon doing so. Only the select few, those with both an inborn ability to maintain their soul at levels near the stable 1-gradient and years of training in doing so, are able to come in contact with an Ascendant and argue successfully against its nulling effects. Their physical body is unmade by virtue of having come in contact with a different existence, but their soul remains as part of the pilot egos of the Ascendant.

Should one so desire, an Ascendant is capable of metamorphosing their substrate into a humanoid form to venture into the now. These humaforms are really the same ā€˜substanceā€™ as the saint-ship, a pocket of an infinite, voided universe enveloped in our own, but their familiar shape allows the mind to cope and negates most space-soul errors caused by an Ascendant. While it is possible to interact with a humaform without serious repercussions, the pilot (or pilots, as multiple egos can inhabit the same body) itself does not experience the world with the senses of a mortal being. Increasing preference for humaforms is considered to be a warning sign of going A-class.

Nin & Aka

Still chuggin’ along.