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Cars: Fast as Lighting

A few of the conceptsĀ I did last year for Cars: Fast as Lightning (Android and iOS). Most of my art was for decorations, but I also did a few buildings and car costumes. All the final assets are by my wonderful colleagues, and everything, of course, belongs to Gameloft and Disney/Pixar.


Chick Hicks
Habitat for Chick Hicks

Visitor Center
Visitor center in Radiator Springs. The sign was based on one in Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland.

Big Screen
A big screen scoreboard

Little cafe parasol, based on the Italian village scene in Cars 2

Vending Machine
Some car part vending machines that unlock alongside Boost

Obstacles like this one are placed by players along the tracks they design. Successfully completing the quicktime event gets you a speed boost (the Win state); failing slows you down (the Fail state).

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