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Day 29

Steps after the break.

Initial sketch based on a picture I took a while ago. I started off with the standard Dovahkiin outfit, but then decided to add some more Dunmer elements. Drinking tea, as always.

Added details and refined lines in blue. Also settled on a pattern for the shawl. Drew the troll based on the Oblivion model, by dragging it into the CS, setting its health to 0, and turning on havok simulation.

The start of inking. I typically work with a brush, which gives nicer line variation and places less strain on the hand, but the quill pen is faster and more convenient.

Final lines scanned into photoshop.

Cleaned lines. Next step is the flat color image at the top of the post. Separated the lines, colored them, and laid in flats with the pencil tool. I decided that it looked a bit plain and so added textures, but that ended up looking a bit too busy… so I settled for showing both.

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  1. Jeroic wrote:

    Hurr hurr she killed a troll. Wish I could kill trolls.

    I’d forgot about this until today. I’m eager to see where your brain goes by November.

    Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

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