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Day 13

While they’re not as obviously hostile as agents or assassins, the Thalmor’s ambassadors are infinitely more dangerous. They appear charismatic and downright cosmopolitan on the surface, but in truth they are the most ardent believers in the the destruction of the Empire Actual and Tamriel along with it. They have given up their prestigious ranks back in the Isles and soiled their family names by coming here – they are no less than martyrs, committing the Altmer’s equivalent to suicide in other to promote the Thalmor adgenda. 

In short: do NOT underestimate them! As with all nondiasporic mer, their emotions will be hard to read. Pay special attention to the posture of their hands (a handbook on Altmer gesture language is attached), and to the color of their raiment (subtle shifts in hue can predict emotional changes). Do not take anything they say at face value: they are not to be trusted. Remember that they, unlike conventional ambassedors, aren’t here to promote the interest of their nation or negotiate – they are here to remind us of the power of their masters. 

-Excerpt from Penitus Oculatus brief, sent c. 4E418 (leaked to the public 4E421 – inside source unknown).


Ended up being more concept art than fan art, and took far longer than intended (I love my detail). Tons of steps after the break.

Initial sketch.

Starting to lay in details and figure out what I’m actually going to draw. The shoulder piece was some sort of weird bug shell at this point, and I attempted to add insect wings over the lower section (didn’t work out).

More detail, more resolution. I did callouts of the jewelry on the side, though it turned out to be too small on the actual piece to render out. The binary was supposed to say “ald,” but I ran out of space for the last few digits.

Finshed sketch.

Inked the big parts in black.

Inked the inner lines in color.

Laid in some flats in Photoshop to decide on a color scheme. Ended up going with the last one, though I also dig the 2nd. Did the colors in watercolor, scanned in and cleaned up in Photoshop.

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  1. Cathartis wrote:

    Love love *love* the binary string on the top of the headpiece. So awesome 😀 I’m guessing it doesn’t code for any secret message right?

    Monday, October 31, 2011 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

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