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Ascendant – Introduction

Senior(!) year at MICA is largely dominated by our thesis, a large, year or semester long project which we ourselves pick. Ascendant is mine.

I aim to create a new IP suitable for games or movies, set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. People stop believing in gods, but, since gods keep the world in tact, reality starts to fall apart. Belief and ego play a big role in keeping everything relatively stable. Spaceships that are really disembodied souls play a part. Should be fun. My plan is to create concept art, make models, write, and, if I have time, make an Unreal level within the universe.

This first week was a lot of reference gathering and solidifying ideas. Here are some silhouettes and sketches from that.

Silhouettes for Nin, the main female character. She’s a teacher-scholar, Ascendant in training. Smart, caring, but alone. These thumbnails are, all in all, pretty successful at capturing her.


Silhouettes for Aka, a traveling warrior-monk, a rebel from organized society. Nin and he used to be romantically involved, and she still respects him deeply as an intellectual. These need work. His original concept was a bit different, and new thumbs will need to reflect his renegade nature better.

Semi-final thumbs, prior to critique. They’ll change in the execution, but they’re getting there.

nuur 1nuur5

A couple sketches of Nu-ur, the main (and only) city. Wanted a fantasy skyscraper look, with buildings on top of buildings and no clear culture. Not quite there yet.

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