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These will be completely redone, but I’m putting them up for the sake of completeness.


Nin, the main character. Proper but questioning saint-in-training.

aka_wip1 aka_wip2

Aka, the wandering monk with heretical ideas.

So, what went wrong? Outside of being incomplete and my comitment to not drawing hands until necesary, I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with the drawings. If I went and finished them, they’d probably be a pretty good representation of what I can do. But they don’t fit my vision for the world. There’s too much bulk and inelegance, too much clutter. Too much fantasy for the sake of it, rather than for the illusion of culture and history. Typically I’m a bit looser with the vision (for lack of a better word), following it as closely as I can but not stressing too much as long as the idea gets across and people like it. But this is my project, not an assignement or a group thing, and I want to do it right.


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