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So. Hey. It’s been a while.

I’ve been busy with work, and with life, and with the eponymous Stuff in the blog title. That and the fact that this blog goes back four years kinda put me off. I briefly considered wiping it and starting fresh, but I figured that history is more important than not having people see some really embarrassing stuff.

So consider this a disclaimer:
The work below this post is old, and not meant to be representative of my current abilities.

You’ve been warned. I’m going to post some recent-ish fan art over from Tumblr, and then hopefully some of the things I’ve actually done at my job.

So hello, gentle reader, and enjoy your stay đŸ™‚

Star Wars: Rebellion

Two promo posters I did for the release of Star Wars: Rebellion, a script for a never-made TV show covering the beginning of the Rebel Alliance, written by Elder Scrolls developers Kurt Kuhlmann and Michael Kirkbride. You can read the script here.



The top is composed primarily of scanned counters from the West End Games’ Star Warriors roleplaying game.

Two quick environment sketches from earlier this summer.




A quick environment sketch

Left-Hand Elf


Family Tree

Of Mer

Numinatus Cover

Here’s the cover for FSL Professor Numinatus, a comic written by Michael and illustrated by me. Part of the script was posted online last year, but it’s changed quite a bit in execution.cover_sm

State’s Maps

Sorry for posting maps all the time. Don’t want to post thesis pieces until they look good, and am in the middle of a long assignment for sequential art.



A journey map I did based on a story about rafting the Colorado. Watercolor and gouache, with Photoshop color correction.


A spot illustration of an interactive map of Michigan, meant for children. The assignment was to depict statistics, so I went with fun superlatives.


And a silly sketchbook assignment to relabel an existing map. I typed “State is” into google, and labeled based on suggestions. The ones with the question marks are states for which all the suggested searches were generic (“which timezone is state in?”)

A quick sad comic I did a few weeks back for sequential art class. In no way autobiographical đŸ™‚